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Mission Statement

The dedicated healthcare professionals at Franklin County Rural Health Clinic (FCRHC) strive to provide high quality care to all who live, work or visit this region. Our promise to you is to deliver impeccable services with compassion, kindness, timeliness, efficiency, and above all excellence in medical care to every patient at every encounter.

Code of Conduct

We will make all patients feel welcomed.
We will put patients' interests first and foremost.
We will adhere to the highest standards of professional integrity and personal ethics.
We will meet all commitments in a timely manner and exceed expectations whenever possible.
We will grow our business with our employees' and our communities' best interests in mind at all times.


About Us

  • Dr.
    Jean Latortue
    M.D., MPH
    Family Physician, Medical Director

    Jean Latortue, family medicine physician has been delivering care to the people of Mount Vernon since 2007.  His patients love his bedside manner and the compassionate care that they receive from him.

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  • Paul Hoffmann
    Program Manager, Principal Investigator

    Develops evaluation measures and reporting requirements. Develop reporting and monitoring tools and instruments. Refine evaluation measures with input from staff members.

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  • Beverly Austin
    FCRHC Project Director

    Recruit, develop and implement training curriculum for staff team, develop and implement new clinical workflows,...

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  • Brenda Castro
    Medical Assistant

    My name is Brenda, I have been working for Franklin Country Rural Health Clinic since 2017. I manage the phone calls that you will receive as well as conducting the financial aid program.

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Emergency Phone Consultations